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New York, NY, March 22, 2021: Q by QS, the fashion-tech company that designs and handcrafts luxury footwear and fine leather goods, steps into the spotlight with its line of fashionable shoe wear in line with the digital couture age with custom made options and high-end craftsmanship. 

Q by QS is the brainchild of fashion industry newcomer Que Shebley, a Dearborn-native Lebanese American immigrant on a mission to marry old-world craftsmanship with the promise of differentiation stitched into every bespoke piece he produces. 

Shebley understands that style is only as robust as its details, and in this regard his work is meticulous down to every thread. In addition to this distinctive fashion sense, he allows customers to participate in the design process via a revolutionary 3D customization platform, thereby opening a countless array of colors, accents, and materials to the whim of possibility.

One of the very few fashion houses that promises this level of individuality and consumer-to-designer collaboration, Q by Que itself apart from other brands. The digital program is a fine example of a company that has pivoted business to suit the current climate, not just with consumer’s busy lifestyles, who still want the best they can buy without having to attend fittings and numerous design meetings, but also due to COVID restrictions, this allows consumers to design collaboratively from the comfort of their own homes. 

Que Shebley, founder and designer of Q by QS, said: “I really wanted to bring luxury fashion to the forefront of the digital age, creating a brand new and exciting experience to the consumer, especially during this time when entering a fashion house is full of restrictions which takes away from the ultimate experience. From sourcing the best materials, craftsmanship artisans and bespoke design accessibility, we have been able to do that. I’m really excited to invite consumers to our 3D design studio!”

At Q by QS, no two pairs of shoes are the same, the brand offers ultimate individuality with every product. With so much technology and media vying for attention, it’s a comfort to know that some things are still being made beyond the grasp of automation, and in a way that draws the future of fashion into the here and now. 

To shop the collection, or design your own, head to for more information. 

About Q by QS

Founded in 2014 by fashion designer Que Shebley, the Q brand is a first generation, fashion tech company that designs and handcrafts luxury footwear and leather goods using old world Craftsmanship into the 21st century.

Under the label Q by Qs, it currently operates online. The Q brand is leading the way by bringing back old-world craftsmanship to custom-made shoes and apparel in an advanced yet simple client experience. Empowering the client to be their own designers, a brand built for you by you. 

About Shebley Group

After the successful genesis of Que Shebley, in 2014 Shebley group was established. It serves as a style-based entity that has mastered itself in the fashion designing skills as well as in manufacturing of quality apparels. It webs its products online under two international brands, Q by Qs (Luxury footwear & accessories) and the soon to launch Que shebley (Luxury suits and apparel). It will soon be amplifying its services in Home Décor, Real Estate and other investments in the coming years.

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