LUHHO is a luxury lifestyle media platform which engages advertises, retailers and audience together and deliver sales, engagement, conversions through tailored campaigns and optimized marketing programs in print and digital channels. Having a clear vision we are filling up an existing gab in the industry with good value offer and diverse revenue model.


Since first founded in 2008, we managed to build a world class brand and a solid base to be able to take the company to the next level.

  • Strategic partners – Built solid international relationships with influencers, PR companies, advertising agencies, global brands, distributors, third parties
  • We owe trademarks in Peru, Argentina, Spain, Bolivia, USA, and few domains
  • Audience validated – thousands of readers in our 65 printed and digital editions, millions of website visitors, good base of social media fans and followers, proven satisfied advertisers, happy brands mentioned in thousands of articles.
  • Millions of dollars and decade of time invested in building relationships, learning daily, creating community
  • Luhho has been mentioned in plenty of press releases in all kind of international press
  • We were invited to participate in many international prestigious events, summits, show
  • Positive Feedbacks