Luhho is seeking for new partners to take the company to the next level. Investing in Luhho is a long- term opportunity with huge potential not only as a strong revenue , but also limitless scaling value of the initial investment. This is a prestigious venture that target alternative market with a simple business model and high margins.

USE OF FUNDS With the investment we will grow the audience and develop new products. Creating sales channels available from the website, APP, emails, social media. Also we will get into new territories in other languages. Most of the investment will be spent on marketing which will create revenue from the start and the rest on development, creating hi-quality content, production, team and small part in operation.

WHY US? With Luhho, the investors have the opportunity to get into a luxury lifestyle media company that can grow multiple times in a short period of time and become a leading authority in the sector. Luhho already proved acceptance from the Brands, Partners, audience. Developed the basic formula of successful media and scalable business model. We already showed that we believe in our company, our mission, and the ability to succeed.We are looking for investors to share our passion and commitment, so together we will bring LUHHO to the next level and become a key player in the big luxury industry

If you are interested please do not hesitate to Contact Us.